Natural, Organic & Specialty

Natural, Organic & Specialty Foods Offering

AWG offers more than 12,500 natural, organic and specialty food products including baby, baking, beverages (water, juice, coffee, tea), candy, cereal, breakfast bars, condiments, cookies, crackers, can meat, pasta, nut butters, honey, oils, pickles, salad dressing, snacks, fruit, vegetables, soup, tea, and nonfood items such as charcoal, canning, pet, paper products and cleaning products.

AWG Brands

Calling on their expansive knowledge base in the areas of natural and organic products, AWG category managers provide a concentrated focus on products in the Clearly by Best Choice™ brand. The Clearly by Best Choice™ brand’s consumer promise is to offer food free from artificial flavors and synthetic colors, while the non-food offerings are free from synthetic dyes and synthetic fragrances. Find out more about AWG Brands.

Category/Shelf Management and Pricing

Assortments in natural, organic, and specialty foods change quickly as consumers flow between various lifestyles. Category managers in this area are on top of trends, constantly looking at competitor brands and retailers, and maintaining the best offering to ensure retailers are a destination for items in this area. Sales specialists and representatives support retailers as they introduce new items and merchandise top movers and brands. 

Natural, organic, and specialty products are both worked into planograms with mainstream national and private brand items as well as placed in their own planograms when relevant. This dual approach gives retailers flexibility when offering the products in their stores, placing products in the best place for store-specific customers.

Pricing competitiveness is also a critical component in natural, organic, and specialty foods. Additional promotional funding at critical time periods can convert consumer preferences and build loyalty to not only brands but also retailers. AWG offers multiple options for retailers to take advantage of as they try to combat the price perceptions associated with natural, organic, and specialty foods.


AWG coordinates two trade shows per year, bringing retailers to Kansas City to view new items, gain merchandising ideas, and purchase show items at savings of 10-50%. The shows are also a great way to establish and reinforce relationships with manufacturers, brokers and AWG teammates.


More than 1,000 items are given temporary price reductions in four week cycles throughout each year This opt-in program includes discounts that apply across all health, beauty, and wellness categories as well as in general merchandise and natural, organic, and specialty foods. Reductions are a minimum of 10% and require 100% pass through of the TPR amount and help draw consumer attention to these departments.

Web Blast

Monthly promotions are communicated through a video presentation and include top brands and high velocity items. Aggressive deals make this one of the most lucrative vehicles for aggressive pricing.

Retail Pricing Options

Seven retail price zones are maintained for natural, organic, and specialty products. Retail pricing specialists assist retailers with retail pricing needs and retailers can also choose to create and maintain their own retail pricing file.

Power Buys

Aggressive off-invoice allowances are offered monthly by both the vendor and AWG. Power Buy product must be pre-booked and include top brands in all key categories.

Ad Program

The Promotional Department works with vendor partners to create a HBW ad planner in 6-month increments. The planner suggests ad items based on vendor partner deals on products and takes into account national advertising, seasonality, free standing insert and digital coupon availability so retailers can be competitive. A variety of products are available to choose from each week to appeal to a variety of demographics. Funding is available for retailers advertising six health, beauty, and wellness items in their print ads each week.

Digital Coupons

National and private brand digital coupons are often offered on natural, organic, and specialty items through AWG’s Shopper Engagement Program. Digital coupons are run through retailer loyalty programs and can be used on a variety of different coupon platforms.