Store Concepts

We have the format to fit your market – no matter the demographics of your trade area, we have a perfect fit. AWG’s years of serving retail grocers along with extensive research has enabled us to bring you exciting and highly successful store concepts. These concepts are specifically designed for the metro, urban and rural markets with an emphasis on price, service and freshness. AWG has a concept that is right for your market.


Cash Saver

Cash Saver provides customers with value and savings without sacrificing quality. Cash Saver stores are small to medium sized stores great for rural markets.


Sun Fresh

Sun Fresh is an upscale, conventional concept that provides customers with exceptional quality, fresh product and allows you to compete on more than just price alone. This concept features full service departments, customer service and competitive pricing creating the ultimate shopping experience. Sun Fresh is designed to operate in highly populated residential areas. At 40,000 to 63,000 square feet, Sun Fresh is an easy and convenient place to shop. With the flexibility to cater to specific customer needs, the Sun Fresh concept can fill a niche in any market.


Thriftway is the convenient neighborhood store located in small to medium size market areas. This concept offers good variety and quality perishables, which creates dependable value for the customer. Friendly service, personal attention and low prices will keep customers coming back to Thriftway.


Price Chopper

Price Chopper are premier concept stores for AWG. These large, high volume stores are famous for low prices, wide variety and a focus on high quality products — especially in the perishables departments. The concept includes a pharmacy/drug store; service meat, seafood and poultry departments; salad bars; full service bakery and deli/home meal replacement departments. Ranging from 50,000 to 92,000 square feet, these stores often anchor major retail shopping developments.

Apple Market

Apple Market is a fresh food supermarket concept, concentrating on high quality perishables and convenient neighborhood locations. Unparalleled customer service is an important part of the Apple Market concept. These stores provide a warm atmosphere filled with friendly employees whose common goal is to meet the needs of the customer.


Country Mart

Country Mart is a price oriented warehouse store designed for county seat towns and rural communities. This 25,000 to 45,000 square foot store is designed to be the low price leader in the market while providing the perishable variety, freshness and quality that is important to customers.

Price Cutter

The Price Cutter format provides everything you need for your family.  All of your favorite brands at low, low prices along with exceptional fresh meat and produce selection. The concept is driven by delivering value every day. 

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