All-In-One Distribution Hub

In 2020, AWG was pleased to announce the most exciting undertaking in the history of AWG with the launch of a new All-In-One Distribution Hub located in Hernando, MS. AWG continues to lead the industry in new and innovative solutions by investing in state-of-the-art technology in distribution and logistics. This new facility will allow AWG to continue growing as a company and excelling at its mission — providing its members the products, tools, and services they need to compete in the markets they serve, all at the lowest possible cost. The grocery business is changing fast, and with this All-In-One Distribution Hub, AWG will be well-positioned to meet the needs of their members for many, many years into the future.

Why Turn To Automation?

Automation will allow us to provide more products to our retailers, increase efficiencies, improve accuracy, and reduce damage to goods. The design of the facility will accommodate more SKUs and 30% more volume than a traditional facility. Automation allows us to:
  • Replicate the most tedious and manual tasks.
  • Increase the number of hours per day we can operate the facility while still improving the overall accuracy, all without increasing employee fatigue.
  • Place our best people into roles leveraging these new technology solutions throughout the end-to-end lifecycle while providing increased growth opportunities.
  • Reduce product damage incurred by reducing manual touchpoints.
  • Increase volume based on demand without incurring additional cost.
  • Provide increased variety of products to offer more items to our retailers at an efficient cost structure, allowing the retailer to improve their competitive position in the marketplace.
  • Attract and retain talented employees.
  • Reduce costs for members by providing aisle ready pallets.

Why did we build a new facility?

Our mission is to provide our members with all of the products, tools, and services they need to compete favorably in all markets they serve. As our business continues to grow, our members already need products that we cannot provide, especially in high growth categories of refrigerated and frozen natural and organic products as well as locally grown goods.

Now more than ever, people understand the important role AWG plays in ensuring there is food on our grocery store shelves, and that we must continue to provide this essential service to our customers in increasingly efficient ways. With our current facilities at or near peak capacity in volume and well beyond capacity in the number of products they can stock, sticking more products into the current warehouse configuration simply makes the work harder on our teammates, reduces productivity and adds cost.

A new state-of-the-art automated distribution hub will allow us to increase efficiency, leverage productivity opportunities, and create a better working environment for employees. The new warehouse is capable of double the volume and SKU count across our facilities. This is going to be a new and exciting project for AWG.

Where is the Facility Located?

500 Kapik Rd, Hernando, MS 38654