Meat & Seafood

Meat & Seafood Offering

With more than 2,500 meat and seafood items in each distribution center, AWG has a center-of-the-plate option for all consumers. The focus is on growing meat and seafood departments with opportunities like low-labor solutions, value-added products, low price and value merchandising, innovation and AWG Brands. The team utilizes data supported by teammate expertise to guide decision making and ensures the best price for quality products that meet quality control specifications.

Beef, pork, lamb, and veal offerings include branded programs and commodity items in all grades along with case-ready programs. Poultry offerings include chicken and turkey branded programs in case-ready or commodity bulk items. Fresh and frozen chicken and turkey products are also available.

When it comes to seafood, AWG offers a wide variety in both fresh and frozen formats. AWG’s programs are dynamically designed to meet the needs of full-service departments or case-ready self-service cases.


AWG Brands

AWG Brands deliver more than 60 meat and seafood products offerings in the Always Save®, Best Choice®, and Best Choice® Superior Selections® brands. The Always Save® brand offers competitively priced opening price points or value-added options like fish sticks, catfish nuggets, burger patties, and bacon. The Best Choice® brand carries an extensive assortment of meat and seafood options.

  • Bacon
  • Beef Patties
  • Frozen IQF Chicken
  • Dinner and Breakfast Sausage
  • Holiday Turkeys and Hams
  • Raw and Cooked Shrimp
  • Fish Fillets
  • And more!

To elevate the consumer options, the Best Choice® Superior Selections® brand rounds out the AWG Brands assortment with frozen shrimp offerings.

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Vendor Partners

AWG is a top-5 account for many vendors they partner with across meat and seafood, giving them the ability to offer the best product quality and value to member retailers and their consumers.

Pricing & Promotions

Truckload meat purchases allow AWG to secure the lowest price levels available. Anchored by meat events running 52 weeks of the year, AWG offers discounted deals on processed and frozen meat. There are also 17 strategic events offering aggressive promotions in two week increments for fresh meat, seafood and processed items. Web Blast deals provide additional promotional opportunities. Holidays are supported with the best in market pricing on key items. Club and large pack and pick 5 events featuring fresh, packaged and frozen meat items are also available to drive sales and margin.

Department Support

AWG’s meat and seafood team includes experts across buying, category management, meat merchandising and quality control with a dedicated division support center and AWG Support Center team. Meat & seafood specialists are available to help with training, weekly ads, special events, case sets, service case merchandising and gross profit control. Information to help member retailers stay up to date on what’s happening in the meat and seafood world includes bi-weekly commodity, quarterly fresh supply, and frequent industry updates.