Become an AWG Brands Vendor Partner

Supplying AWG Brands

Supplying AWG retailers with award-winning private brands is possible through an extensive network of more than 400 vendor partners. AWG products are carried in all departments and new items are assessed regularly to keep AWG retailers relevant. The AWG Brands team is also always looking for new vendor partners to help deliver the best quality products at the lowest possible cost.

Becoming an AWG Brands Vendor Partner

Vendor partners for Always Save®, Best Choice®, Clearly by Best Choice™, and Best Choice® Superior Selections® items are expected to meet or exceed AWG’s standards to ensure products produced for AWG are safe and satisfy our retailers and their end-consumers.

All vendor partners must participate in and fully comply with AWG’s Supplier Approval Program. This program is managed through ReposiTrack and includes:

  • Hold Harmless
  • Continuing Guaranty
  • Recall or Withdrawal Agreement
  • Emergency 24-hour Contact
  • Food Safety Third Party Audit Information
  • FDA Registration
  • USDA Establishment Numbers
  • Reclamation Program
  • Sustainability Survey
  • Company Ethics Survey

New Vendor Set Up Packet

Potential new vendors will be required to complete a new vendor set up packet which also includes:

  • Swell Allowance Agreement
  • Freight Rate Sheets
  • Certificate of Insurance
  • Form W-9
  • AWG Food Safety Survey
  • Provide Organic Certifications (where applicable)
  • Hold Harmless and Indemnity Agreement
  • Continuing Food Guarantee and Indemnity Agreement

Additional Requirements

Other AWG Brands vendor partner requirements include:

  • Standardized Code Dating
  • Country of Origin Labeling
  • Products Labeled according to the Code of Federal Regulations Title 21 and USDA Labeling Policies

AWG Brands' Creative Agency

AWG Brands also requires vendor partners to use AWG Brands’ creative agency for all packaging design and label maintenance. A third-party label management program is also available for vendor partners wanting to maximize their label inventory and pricing.

Food Safety

AWG has partnered with a  third party agency to create a customized quality testing program. All AWG Brands vendors are required to participate in the testing protocol, which includes but is not limited to annual testing by a third party agency, upkeep of product specifications in AWG’s product database, corrective actions based on testing outcome and testing cost association. AWG Brands items are tested against benchmarks.

A vendor partner is required to provide AWG with the following upon request:


  • Access to the supplier’s processing facilities
  • Details of the supplier’s Food Safety and Quality Assurance Program

AWG also requires all deliveries be made via clean, sound carriers that have not been used for the shipment of pesticides or other harmful non-food materials. The vendor partner must inspect all carriers and materials prior to loading. Materials and carriers shall be free of off-odors, garbage, debris, chemicals and evidence of insect/rodent/pest infestation.


Selling AWG Brands

Partnering with AWG on an Always Save®, Best Choice®, Clearly by Best Choice™, or Best Choice® Superior Selections® item is a great way to get a product in up to 3,400 independent grocery stores across the United States. To support the product assortment, AWG runs thirteen promotional events throughout the year. The planned events and the associated effective order dates are communicated to vendor partners several months in advance of the events to allow for accurate pricing and forecasting. Digital coupons and other promotional activity funded by vendor partners are encouraged to generate additional retailer interest.