Why Choose AWG?

When joining AWG, you become a member of the largest wholesale cooperative serving independent retailers in the United States. With the collective strength of $24 billion in retail sales serving over 3,400 stores we are positioned to enhance your operations and improve your competitive edge.


If you are considering changing your primary wholesale supplier or considering opening a store, AWG would like to be your wholesale partner.

AWG Cooperative Model

AWG is a food wholesaler cooperative that empowers independent food retailers by enabling them to join forces and collectively address challenges in the industry. Through shared resources, enhanced buying power, and mutual support, our cooperative members achieve economies of scale, increase their product offerings, and enhance their competitiveness in the market.

AWG is 100% retailer owned and all the Board of Directors are AWG member retailers. Profits are returned to AWG members through patronage dividends.


Profits to your street, not Wall Street.

Advantages of Membership

There are many advantages of AWG membership, including AWG stock, patronage, rebates, sales and services programs, and MORE!

Member Incentives

AWG offers great incentives to our members, including our Opening Inventory Program, transition allowances, just to name a few.

Profits Distribution

Our membership model which provides its members with the lowest possible cost of goods is just one of the reasons to join AWG. The buying power and strength of the $12.3 billion cooperative will benefit your stores each and every day, 365 days a year. We provide the competitive edge that will improve your customer count, basket size and increase your bottom line.


In the last 15 years, total sales have more than doubled, rising from $4.9 billion to $12.3 billion. Total distribution to members (patronage, allowances, and interest) was $543.6 million in 2022.


Expansive Assortment

We do it better. We carry over 127,000 SKUs across all of our nine distribution centers to service your stores. We proudly service à diverse market base made up of high volume supermarkets, rural grocers and hybrid fresh focus conventional retailers. We offer more. Including wall to wall products across all categories including full line center store, HBW and specialty foods.

We are committed to servicing Fresh in the perimeter and offer the highest quality fresh produce and fresh meat. Last year alone we sold over $2.6 billion in fresh meat and seafood and over $1.6 billion in fresh produce sales. All slotted and ready to service your stores on fresh and center of the plate. 

Stock Value

Since 1973, AWG’s stock value has increased steadily. In 1973, membership was valued at $2,325. With stock splits in 1987, 2009, and 2021, a 1973 stock membership is valued at $777,600 in 2021. New members are required to purchase 15 shares of stock at $1,550 per share in 2023, an investment of $23,250.


AWG has experienced a compounded annual growth rate on patronage dollars returned to our membership of nearly 11.11% over the past 50 years. A small portion of earnings is retained by AWG as set by the Board of Directors to provide some capital to invest in the wholesale distribution centers.

Business & Operational Counselors

AWG’s Member Services team is staffed with experienced professionals who can assist with all of your operational, advertising, and marketing needs. Business and Operational Counselors are experienced professionals who are assigned to your store, will generally consist of a:

  • District Sales Manager
  • Store Brands Representative
  • Fresh Specialist (Meat, Produce, Deli/Bakery)
  • VMC Sales Specialist


Established in 1926

0 +

Over 3,400 retail locations


31 States


9 Distribution Centers

100% Retailer-Owned

AWG is 100% retailer-owned

Annual Dividend

AWG profits are returned to the member-retailers in an annual patronage dividend.

Board of Directors

All Board of Directors are AWG Members.

Long-Term Growing Sales Trend

AWG’s sales trend results reflect a 50-year compounded annual growth rate of more than 7.8%.

Patronage Dividend

AWG’s patronage dividend results reflect a compounded annual growth rate of 11%


Build trust through transparency

Top Customer

AWG is a top customer of most CPG companies, packers, and producers in the U.S., allowing AWG to pass on the lowest cost of goods every day to our member-retailers.

Collective Buying Power

AWG members benefit from the lower markup and collective buying power of a $12B cooperative.

AWG Brands & Exclusivity

AWG’s award-winning Best in Class private brands program provides more than 4,000 top-quality AWG Brands items exclusively to AWG members with more than $1.6B in annual sales.

Interested In Membership? Contact Us!

For more information about AWG’s services or how to become a member please send us a message.