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The purpose of AWG Cares is to support giving back to our local communities. The intent is to support those organizations where employees of AWG and its subsidiaries are involved through volunteering and/or monetary donations. Grant requests will be reviewed by the AWG Cares Advisory Committee in April, July, October and December of each year.


Who can participate: All active employees of AWG and its subsidiaries who are participating in the AWG Cares employee payroll deduction program or who make a gift to AWG Cares during the current calendar year.


Eligible Organizations: Nonprofit organizations based in the United States or one of its possessions and recognized by the Internal Revenue Service as tax exempt and designated a public charity under Section 501(c)(3) of the IRS Code or as an instrumentality of a federal, state, or local government as provided by Section 170(c)(1) of the Code. Please note each eligible organization can only receive one (1) grant per calendar year. Eligible organizations include, but are not limited to food, agriculture & nutrition banks, housing and shelter organizations, health and human service agencies, diseases, disorders & medical research disciplines, and healthcare and environmental organizations. Preference will be given to organizations that address immediate needs of individuals (such as food, clothing and shelter) and organizations addressing health and medical needs (including single disease organizations and hospitals). Preference will also be given to requests demonstrating involvement of employees including board service, volunteer time and/or financial contributions. AWG Cares Advisory Committee reserves the right to determine eligibility of all charitable organizations and its decision shall be final. AWG Cares reserves the right to interpret, apply, amend, or revoke these guidelines at any time without prior notice. The policies and procedures described above are not conditions of employment nor are they intended to create or constitute a contract between AWG, or any subsidiary of AWG, any one or all of their employees. Grant requests must be completed by April 6, June 15, September 6, December 15 for quarterly review by the AWG Cares Advisory Committee. Decisions will be announced within 4-6 weeks following each meeting of the Advisory Committee.

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    To submit a grant request, AWG employees must donate to AWG Cares during the grant review period. If you donate via payroll deduction, please check your pay stub or Oracle to verify you are still donating via payroll deduction.

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