Produce Offerings

Set the stage for freshness with a vibrant and colorful produce section. As one of the first sections of the store customers visit, fresh, bright, and quality products across fresh fruit and vegetables builds a consumer’s perception of the rest of the store. 

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When it comes to produce, quality is AWG’s #1 priority. The AWG produce team takes pride in ensuring this quality throughout the supply chain, partnering with field inspectors in several growing regions to select the highest quality and freshest product for AWG member retailers. Once produce reaches AWG distribution centers, it is inspected again by USDA-trained quality control inspectors utilizing iFoodDS, the latest in inspection technology.

Best-in-class procurement teams at corporate and division levels help member retailers get these fruits and vegetables at the best possible cost. Each division carries thousands of options weekly to make produce departments seasonally relevant. Locally grown and value-added options along with full-line organics are also available for member retailers catering to discerning customer bases.

AWG Brands

The AWG Produce department offers Always Save® bagged apples, potatoes, and onions and Best Choice® bagged potatoes. These options give member retailers a way to offer value driven items to consumers.

Vendor Partners

AWG has partnered with the most respected and highest quality produce suppliers.

Best-in-class vendor partners include:

  • Dole Red Sun
  • Ocean Mist
  • Sage
  • Sunkist
  • Mountain View
  • RPE
  • Driscoll
  • Grimmway
  • Cal Organic
  • Bolthouse
  • Wonderful Brands
  • Fourstar
  • Vanderberg
  • Kopke 
  • and more

Department Support

AWG’s trained produce professionals help member retailers execute a top notch produce department with field specialists providing merchandising ideas and support to drive sales at store level. Corporate teams work with all divisions to ensure we have the right products at the right time along with market trends and updates.


Pricing & Promotions

Produce is a dynamic area of the store when it comes to pricing and promotions, demanding category management teams to work closely with vendor partners to deliver competitive pricing for member retailers. Experienced category managers not only secure the best market pricing, they also secure contract pricing as requested to protect member retailers from swings in market pricing. Produce teammates help member retailers promote their offerings through:

  • Quarterly promotional planners
  • Weekly ad promo lists
  • Weekly power buys
  • Show deals
  • Truckload sales
  • Seasonal discounts
  • 30-day Value Proposition Lockdown items