More For Your Dollar

More For Your Dollar Offering

A powerful secret weapon.

AWG prides itself in offering the most comprehensive More For Your Dollar program in the grocery industry.

The value channel continues to shift and evolve as dollar retailers build out their footprint across the country. AWG retailers can combat this infiltration of extreme price competition by offering a destination category of “dollar” items without having a negative impact on traditional categories or on AWG Brands. Shoppers are looking for a single location they can trust and the AWG dollar program gives them another reason to stay in the store.


Dollar Assortment

The AWG program is executed in more than 1,000 locations and has planograms for all different sets, boasting more than 244 linear feet.

Planograms undergo constant review as items in the “dollar” sections come and go quickly. Best executed as a separate section of the store, avoiding clutter and organized sections is important for the customer who typically shops dollar stores.

The 3,500+ items offered in AWG’s More For Your Dollar program come from more than 150 vendor partners both domestic and international. Category managers source a best-in-class assortment that provides consistent blended margin when purchasing across dollar foods and dollar general merchandise, health, beauty, and wellness. Service level on these items exceed 98%.

Signage and point of sale materials are offered with the dollar program as proper signage is a key success factor. Hanging ceiling signs, gondola signs, and shelf signs help customers shop the aisle while proper retails are imperative for these price-sensitive consumers.