Food Service

Food Service Offering

AWG is helping make member retailer stores the ultimate mealtime solution through its food service offering. Tapping into the movement of customers to meal planning and food-at-home options that make their lives simpler, member retailers can look to AWG’s food service department for new ideas, friendly service, and superior brands and products. Plus, the AWG team will help improve quality, variety, service channels, and financials to deliver best in class food service results.


Whether planning a ready-to-eat hot bar menu or a grab-n-go ready-to-heat offering, AWG’s food service team can match food quality and variety to an individual member retailer’s business strategy. The team helps member retailers maintain relevance by continually pushing for innovation in products, technology, equipment, and culture of food and helping to evolve the guest experience model. Digital and eCommerce solutions provide additional options for customers to enjoy the food options in stores, increase sales, and have a competitive advantage in the market by utilizing partners like DoorDash at no cost to the member retailer.

Vendor Partners

The AWG food service team develops and maintains strong vendor partnerships with manufacturers to bring everyday core and promotional programs to member retailers.
  • Tyson
  • Smithfield
  • Pro Food Systems
  • Cargill
  • Hormel
  • InnovAsians
  • Mazzone
  • Bunzl
  • Resers
  • Del Real Foods
  • Beaver Street
  • Mrs. Gerry’s

Pricing & Promotions

Play offense by using ingredients, specifications, portions, and sizing to generate offers. Cost of goods and suggested retail price strategies are married with digital innovation to improve spend across all demographic segments.

Play defense by sharing best practices, managing salvage control, participating in menu engineering, evolving menu mix, and being a stickler for food safety.


Department Support

Quality products are sourced from AWG’s team of product development experts as they strive to develop programs relevant to all types and sizes of stores. Dedicated resources for analyzing market trends help ensure flexibility as programs are created to support any store’s focus. Merchandising and operational support are delivered at the division level and menu labeling and nutritional ingredient support is provided through ADC/Upshop.