Category Management

Across all departments of the organization, AWG has a team of talented category managers responsible for the profitable sales growth of their assigned categories whether in national or AWG Brands. Leaders in category management collaborate with others across the organization as well as with vendor partners to achieve shared objectives. Category managers own all item level decisions related to proper product mix, costing, promotional plans, shelf placement, and efficient procurement to achieve category growth.

Our Approach

Category managers ensure programs and products offered are on trend with the industry as they focus on delivering the highest quality products to member retailers. At the heart of leading in category management is guaranteeing the best cost of goods for the right items. But the work doesn’t stop there. Category managers consistently review their categories to develop relevant assortments, implement key category initiatives and set category strategy. In partnership with vendor partners, category managers optimize promotional funding and ultimately drive sales and profitability for member retailers.


Innovative Mindset

Innovation is also a critical element of leadership in category management. For national brands, category leaders assess new items, plan for their launch and successful execution and bring to AWG member retailers items that engage and delight consumers. When it comes to new AWG Brands items, category managers work with AWG’s partner agencies and brokers to identify trusted suppliers that carry items to help build and maintain the AWG Brands assortment throughout all AWG private brands. This product development mindset helps member retailers generate sales and achieve targeted profitability.

Category Leaders

None of this is possible without extensive category knowledge which is why AWG’s leaders in category management stay informed on competitive and market trends. Plus, category managers at AWG sit on leadership boards of respected grocery and retail organizations, helping grow the industry overall for both seasoned and entry-level peers.

Leading categories at AWG takes support from corporate and divisional teammates, vendor partners, and brokers. Collectively, these talented people work in concert to deliver products and promotions that will drive sales growth and profitability for retailers across geographies.