Retail Business Services​

What We Do

Focused on helping you improve your bottom-line profitability through the selection, implementation and utilization of in-store technologies. In today’s rapidly changing retail systems environment, the AWG Retail Business Services (RBS) team offers technical consulting services and comprehensive solutions through partnerships with the industry’s top manufacturers and vendors. RBS constantly evaluates the state of the industry to offer best of breed solutions for the most critical areas of your business such as retail pricing tools, data hosting, electronic payments processing, data security, and in-store print solutions.

Our Approach

The RBS Team is focused on the needs of our retailers and finding solutions for the business challenges they face everyday. AWG offers a suite of services offered to AWG member retailers, providing solutions in diverse areas.


Portal that delivers AWG content to our Members

Ordering System

Enhanced ordering application that provides SMART ordering information in a high-speed broadband environment through an AWG solution and a vendor partner, Grocery Order Tracker (G.O.T.) – Advanced store ordering and analytics.

Retail Pricing Application

This pricing application supports AWG house zones, custom pricing, real-time information, warehouse item visibility, item movement, deal information provides convenient access from anywhere. Recently, AWG launched a new pricing application, giving the retailer visibility to net unit cost.

Pangea Logo


AWG has partnered with Pangea to work with member retailers on retail print solutions. Pangea provides printed tags, shelf markers and ad signs as well as many other retailer’s needs. Retailers can go online to view, edit and custom-order their in-store signage. One additional benefit is the option to have a dedicated printer installed in store for everyday use. As part of the in-store solution, the printer and toner are provided at no cost. Stores pay for tag or sign inventory and a minimal click charge.

Ad Planning

The multifunctional ad-planning system of AWG’s partner iPro incorporates many features. The ad planner not only builds an ad or TPR (Temporary Price Reduction) program, but also handles the billing, pre-booking, in-store signage program, ad layout, ad calendar and data mining features. It began as a solution for the existing in-house ad groups and is now available for all members to utilize.

Web-Based Sales Ordering

AWG web-based sales promotions include sales, specials, and discounts offered online. We have designed a variety of programs and services to give our member retailers the best opportunity to improve their bottom line.

  • Web Blasts – limited time deals
  • Web-Selling Events – online book events
  • Food Show Ordering
  • eComm – Promotional, signs, textiles, & more

Electronic Price File Hosting

The AWG Electronic Price File Hosting System allows our member retailers to retrieve item file maintenance directly from the AWG FTP systems with their on-site computer. Member retailers can review, organize, and save files to a database. Other types of information sent to the AWG FTP Host Files include deals and allowances, TPRs (Temporary Price Reductions), and electronic label files.

We offer solutions and services in the following areas by our Preferred Vendor Partners:

  • Point of Sale
  • Self Checkout
  • Scan and Go Technology
  • Pricing Analytics
  • Backoffice Solutions
  • Crypto Currency Exchange Solutions
  • TPR Management
  • Price Optimization
  • Labor Management / Employee Communication Systems
  • Shelf Edge Technology
  • Ecommerce Solutions
  • Ecommerce Lockers
  • Micro Fulfillment Center Solutions
  • Digital Advertising Technology
  • Ecommerce Lockers
  • Micro Fulfillment Center Solutions
  • Digital Advertising Technology
  • Security Solutions
  • Print Solutions
  • Payment Processing
  • Cash Management Solutions
  • Ordering Solutions
  • Data Solutions / Delivery
  • Security Camera Surveillance
  • Conveyor Belt Technology and Advertising
  • Store Traffic Analytics
  • Robotic Shelf Management