Retail Marketing Network

What is AWG’s Retail Marketing Network?

RMN functions as an advertising initiative within retailers’ proprietary media platforms, enabling personalized 1:1 communication with their customers. Cater to consumer demands anytime, anywhere, and on any device. This approach guarantees a seamless consumer experience by integrating vendor-funded content across all consumer touchpoints.

Exciting Development:

AWG is sharing retail media income with members actively participating in our RMN. Members not part of this program are encouraged to explore how to benefit from this vendor-funded initiative. Campaign net income will vary based on participation & campaign.

Top Benefits of RMN Participation: :
  • Sales Lift 
  • Data-Driven Insights 
  • Customer Reach 
  • Vendor-Funded Content 
  • Increased Basket Sizes 
  • Enhanced Shopping Experiences 
  • Access to vendor content  

Why Choose AWG's RMN?

  • AWG’s Retail Marketing Network team negotiates with CPG companies on members’ behalf for the best promotions & deals for customers
  • AWG’s RMN team is going after Shopper Marketing / Brand Level “New” Monies, not traditional trade funds
  • Uniting together as a 3400+ store retail network will provide leverage with the CPG companies by scale
  • AWG’s RMN team does all the work on behalf of the members
  • 12+ weeks of ready-made content

There is no additional cost to participate in RMN!


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