Vendor Partners

It is AWG’s responsibility to provide member retailers with all of the products, tools, and services they need to compete favorably. The job cannot be done without vendor partners. Vendor partners provide the products and services that make AWG what it is. That is why AWG considers vendors a partner – and that is more than just a word.

New AWG Vendor Partner

AWG’s leaders in category management are always excited to discuss new product introduction opportunities. To have AWG assess a product and determine which items complement the assortment, please contact one of the following departments based on the type of product(s) represented using the form below.


Existing AWG Vendor Partners

The AWG Partner Gateway is a “best in class” information-sharing portal designed to standardize all communications between AWG and its vendor and broker partners. AWG will use this information-sharing portal as the primary and singular way for our vendor partners and their respective broker partners to exchange data, benefiting all trading parties. The AWG Partner Gateway capabilities provide:

  • Improve speed and profitability of decision-making;
  • Implement long-term demand forecasting capabilities for AWG vendor partners (including the visibility to drive supply chain efficiencies);
  • Significantly reduce manual processing costs via vendor partner workflow automation for overall vendor partner updates; and
  • Simplify item management/introduction and information maintenance with AWG vendor partners

Vendors With Existing AWG Partner Gateway Access

To log in to the AWG Partner Gateway, please click the button below and you will be directed to the Circana website.

Active Vendors That Need To Sign Up For AWG Partner Gateway Access

Use the form below to contact AWG Partner Gateway Sales for more information or to sign up. Vendor partners must include their assigned AWG AP Vendor Code.


Vendor Information & Forms

The Vendor Partner Policy Manual contains guidelines that outline the requirements, specifications, and policies for vendors of AWG. Current AWG vendors can access the Vendor Partner Policy Manual on the AWG Partner Gateway (APG). To learn more about becoming an AWG Vendor Partner, fill out the form at the bottom of the page and select a department to start the process.

AWG Connect Payments & Deduction Inquiries

Please visit the AWG Connect website.

Contact Us With Vendor Questions!