AWG prides itself on having an optimized assortment of products for all different types of grocery stores. From fresh departments to health, beauty, and wellness and all areas in between, AWG category management teams work hard to provide breadth and depth within categories while ensuring product performs well at the register. With more than 127,000 SKUs carried, member retailers can be assured they will find products to suit the needs of all different kinds of consumers. Plus, an extensive lineup of AWG Brands products in brands serving distinct subsets of customers helps drive the value proposition grocery consumers demand.

Product Philosophy

The right mix of products is essential, but so is ensuring it gets to the shelf. AWG’s seasoned inventory management team works closely with category managers and division support center teams to forecast and deliver the right amount of product at the right time so retailers can feel confident they will have product customers are looking for no matter what time of year.

Within product assortment, category managers work closely with vendor partners to bring to market new and innovative items to keep the assortment fresh and engaging for customers. New items are rolled out within new planograms created by the AWG merchandising execution team to determine optimal placement on shelves. The AWG Partner Gateway brings the most robust sales data and insights into the hands of all vendor partners to help improve service level, distribution, promotional activity, and increase sales.

Food Safety

Throughout the entire product assortment, AWG ensures all products meet rigorous quality control standards. AWG believes it has a moral responsibility to provide food that is safe and wholesome throughout distribution centers and through the food delivery process.

The FSQA (Food Safety Quality Assurance) team upholds these standards for both national and AWG Brands. For AWG Brands, the processes are even more extensive. All new items and formulation changes are approved by the FSQA team and AWG Brands vendor partners are expected to meet insurance, tracking, food safety and testing requirements, with product audit schedules maintained annually to ensure vendor partners are producing to AWG specifications. Retailer and customer complaints are tracked for both national and AWG Brands with AWG actively taking corrective action for all identified problems.

FSQA is responsible for food safety and compliance across the organization as well as assisting member retailers with various regulatory requirements for USDA, FDA and local health departments. Recall management and the organization’s vendor partner approval program also fall under the responsibility of FSQA.

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