Grocery, Dairy & Frozen

Grocery, Dairy & Frozen Offerings

The heart of any grocery store is its offering of grocery, dairy, and frozen items. Consistent assortment of national and private brands and competitive prices are what keeps customers coming through the doors. AWG offers a comprehensive assortment of grocery, dairy, and frozen products essential for any grocery retailer big or small. National, regional and local brands weave together along with best-in-class private brands to give AWG member retailers a competitive advantage.

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Collaboration Among Partners

A critical element of AWG’s offering in grocery, dairy, and frozen is the extensive network of vendor and broker partners that help AWG serve member retailers. Built on strong foundations of years of experience, AWG and its partners understand what it takes to help member retailers win in the center of the store. Innovative products that get to shelf quickly along with strategic shelf placement and sought-after promotions all deliver on the promise to deliver top quality supermarket merchandise at the lowest possible cost. With thousands of products from hundreds of center store vendor partners, this consideration takes collaboration with vendor partners, AWG’s merchandising team, inventory management, and field teams. It also takes a keen sense of understanding for both national and private brands.

AWG Brands

All four AWG Brands appear extensively across the grocery, dairy, and frozen offerings at AWG. An opening price point option is available in Always Save®, while Best Choice® products compare to national brand equivalents. Clearly by Best Choice™ products cater to lifestyle brand consumers and elevated values are offered in Best Choice® Superior Selections®, the center of the store is where AWG Brands help entice shoppers looking for quality and value. Hundreds of items in almost all categories help AWG member retailers compete no matter what geography. New items are developed consistently to help keep the assortment relevant and engaging. AWG Brands are an integral part of category manager strategy discussions. CLICK HERE to learn more about AWG Brands.

Pricing & Promotions

The cooperative power of AWG’s expansive network of member retailers helps leaders in category management negotiate the most competitive cost of goods possible for grocery, dairy, and frozen items. Plus, a specific and transparent markup structure ensures member retailers can take advantage of AWG’s aggregated purchasing capacity.

Aggressive everyday pricing on grocery, dairy, and frozen items is supported by comprehensive promotional planning. Enticing event deals are offered in thirteen events throughout the year with web blasts and super sales providing better cost of goods. Additional deals are layered on throughout the year to take advantage of seasonality and trends and key value items are held down to align with market conditions. Digital coupons add in another cost-savings mechanism for member retailers to offer to consumers.

Department Support

Grocery, dairy, and frozen category managers are supported by teams across AWG’s infrastructure to help deliver on all activities of the supply chain. All teammates work in tandem to protect and grow member retailer market position and sales while understanding the intricacies of each geography in which AWG operates.