Bakery Offering

Right up there with meeting functional needs, the goal of any grocery store bakery is to deliver on warm, positive emotions customers have while shopping this area of the store. From freshly-baked bread to indulgent cookies and custom cakes, the bakery delivers delight to consumers no matter what time of day or year. All member retailers have access to merchandising and sales programs for fresh bakeries or for a simpler solution, AWG has a complete thaw & sell platform that can give the store a “fresh-baked” image. 



Freshness, assortment, and value are the three big drivers of AWG’s bakery program. AWG carries over 9,000 bakery items, 4,000 of which are seasonal items. The program offers a wide variety of fully prepared bulk, thaw and sell pre-packaged, and baked-in-store offerings, making a quality bakery program turnkey for member retailers. The AWG bakery team also offers labor-saving cakes, fully finished cakes and the ability to make from scratch. Regional, seasonal and holiday items are available for any occasion. There are levels of quality to fit any store’s needs.

AWG Brands

For the almost 75% of consumers who purchase private brands bakery items nationally, the AWG bakery team offers an assortment of products sure to meet consumer needs. Appease value-minded customers with thaw-and-sell Always Save® donuts, pastries, muffins and cakes. Entice consumers looking for fun cookie and cupcake options with Best Choice®. Saving money doesn’t have to mean sacrificing satisfied taste buds. AWG Brands bakery options help customers have both.

Find out more about AWG Brands HERE.

Vendor Partners

When it comes to the bakery, vendor partners both big and small help build out quality programs for member retailers. The AWG bakery team partners with these manufacturers to build strong programs that member retailers can trust. Vendor partners in the bakery include:
  • Rich’s
  • Bay Valley – (Loft House)
  • Brill – (Rise Baking)
  • Café Valley
  • Clyde’s
  • David’s Cookies
  • General Mills
  • Give and Go
  • Gold Standard/37th
  • Gonnella
  • Gregory Foods
  • Cotton Blue
  • Jessie Lord
  • JTM
  • Kings Hawaiian
  • Lawrence Foods
  • Mel O Cream
  • Nestle
  • New French Baking
  • Sara Lee
  • New French
  • The Fathers Table
  • Harris Baking
  • J. Skinner Baking

Pricing & Promotions

The AWG bakery team offers a full range of merchandising and sales programs for fresh bakeries. A series of sales and deals are an essential part of the promotional strategy in the bakery as well. “Clip” event promotions are published monthly and hold pricing for 30 days. Seasonal and strategic selling events with prebook order windows give member retailers the ability to work with different pricing strategies. Additional promotional opportunities for one week or one day depending on the deal are also offered and come in the form of Breaking News, HOT Buys, Limited Time Offers, web and text blasts. All of this promotional activity helps give member retailers a competitive advantage and draw in consumers to build loyalty. Member retailers also have access to participate in bakery shows to bolster selling opportunities throughout the year.

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Department Support

Experienced bakery experts make up the AWG bakery team. The team conducts ongoing analysis to determine and respond to what is trending in the bakery department. Expert merchandising and operational support from dedicated specialists is also available to all member retailers. Teaching and training programs from the team and vendor partners develop bakery teammates to meet the needs of the ever-changing marketplace.

Assistance is available in setting up a complete in-store bakery including:

  • Design
  • Equipment selection
  • Employee training
  • Item selection
  • Pricing
  • Merchandising
  • Information on current trends

The AWG bakery staff of specialists and regional teams will help member retailers establish a program tailored to each market and store format.