Hartington Community Foundation/Hartington Ambulance Squad Receives AWG Cares Award Grant

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Hartington, NE

Recently, AWG Cares provided a grant request in the amount of $3,000 to the Hartington Community Foundation/Hartington Ambulance Squad in Hartington, NE. The grant request was submitted by Cynthia Puntney, AWG Nebraska Division employee.


The Hartington Community Foundation was organized following the organization of Project: Hartington 2000. Dr. Ed Nelson brought to this small rural community the idealism of continued growth and success. Communities like Hartington must realize the importance of self-preservation and self support. The Hartington Community Foundation became an official nonprofit, tax-exempt organization in October 1991. The Foundation presently has 10 Board of Director Members. Each of these members is elected by the Voting Members of the organization to a term of four years. The principal benefit of membership in the Hartington Community Foundation is the satisfaction of participating in an organization formed to advance Hartington and its surroundings.


The Hartington Ambulance Squad has 1 paramedic and 19 emergency medical technicians (EMTs) who are on-call 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The funds from the grant will be used to upgrade the LIFEPAK 15 device’s communication with area hospitals in the event of a cardiac related emergency. This will help the receiving hospital prepare their trauma and cardiac teams before the patient arrives. Hartington is 30-45 minutes from any major hospital that provides cardiac care.

Hartington Community Foundation

Pictured from left to right:


  • Scott Schremp, Hartington Community Foundation President
  • Hal Thoene, Hartington Ambulance Squad
  • Cynthia Puntney, Administrative Services Supervisor, AWG Nebraska Division
  • Marilyn Thoene, Hartington Ambulance Squad
  • Jeff Jones, Hartington Ambulance Squad
  • Donna Davey, Hartington Ambulance Squad
  • Katie Lammers, Hartington Ambulance Squad
  • Melissa Lordemann, Hartington Ambulance Squad


Thank you, Cynthia, for donating to AWG Cares and submitting this grant request!


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