Cajun Navy Ground Force Receives AWG Cares Award Grant

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Lafayette, LA

Recently, AWG Cares provided a grant request in the amount of $3,000 to Cajun Navy Ground Force in Lafayette, LA. The grant request was submitted by Sherry Bunch, AWG Gulf Coast Division employee.


The Cajun Navy Ground Force’s vision is to empower good citizens anywhere to respond easily and quickly during and after natural disasters to help socially vulnerable and marginalized populations in crisis. When crisis support systems become overwhelmed, the Cajun Navy Ground Force backfills them with good citizens and donated resources. During the crisis aftermath caused by natural disasters, they believe good citizens want to help their neighboring communities but just need an effortless way to engage. By utilizing social media, they have become experts at quickly recruiting citizens to fill in gaps when other support systems are overwhelmed.


Thank you, Sherry, for donating to AWG Cares and submitting this grant request!

Cajun Navy Ground Force


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