AWG Contributes $138,250 to Non-Profit Organizations Through its Best Choice® Family of Brands’ Save-A-Label Program

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Associated Wholesale Grocers, Inc. (AWG) in partnership with its member retailers contributed $138,250 to non-profit organizations through its Save-A-Label™ program in 2022. This community-giving project donates to schools and nonprofits, while encouraging consumers to support local independent grocers.


The simple program makes a big impact. In one year, the program turns more than 1.2 million cases of Best Choice® Family of Brands products purchased by consumers into funds to help organizations. Participants collect Best Choice®, Clearly by Best Choice™ or Best Choice® Superior Selections® product labels and send them into AWG for cash.


To qualify to participate, schools and organizations simply need to have 501(c)(3) status. While each participating organization has a specific cause they are working for, they all have one thing in common; they want to make their communities a better place. More than 1,600 groups participated this year.


“It is a blessing to have programs like Save-A-Label™ that help the ministries of our church.” said Pastor Daryl Lee, from Disney Assembly of God, a Save-A-Label™ program participant.


The Save-A-Label™ program was launched in 1987, two years after the introduction of the Best Choice® brand. It was originally developed as a short-term promotion to help local grocers support their communities, but it became so popular that it continued as a permanent program. In 2014, the Clearly by Best Choice® products were introduced and gave customers another way to earn funds. Best Choice® Superior Selections®, the newest member of the Best Choice® Family of Brands, came about in 2020 adding even more quality products for consumers to purchase and another brand that qualifies for the program.


“The Save-A-Label™ program is looking to grow over the next few years with the help of AWG’s member retailers,” said Cara Finger, AWG Brands marketing manager. “By highlighting the program in their stores, AWG member retailers are helping to significantly impact and give back to their communities.”



Associated Wholesale Grocers, Inc. (AWG) is the nation’s largest cooperative food wholesaler to independently owned supermarkets, serving over 1,100 member companies and over 3,400 locations throughout 31 states from 9 wholesale Divisions. Consolidated run-rate sales for AWG are over $11 billion. In addition to its cooperative wholesale operations, the company also operates subsidiary companies that provide certain real estate and supermarket development services, print and digital marketing services, health and beauty care, general merchandise, pharmaceutical products, specialty foods, and natural and organic products. For more information, visit and follow @AWGCorporate on Twitter.

Members of the El Dorado Springs Parents as Teachers program cut Best Choice labels and submit them for fundraising efforts through the Save-A-Label program
Members of the El Dorado Springs Parents as Teachers program cut Best Choice labels and submit them for fundraising efforts through the Save-A-Label program.


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