AWG Brands Doubles Down on Its Commitment to Quality

Daymon QA Facility


AWG Brands, the private brands of Associated Wholesale Grocers, Inc. (AWG), is doubling down on its commitment to quality through an expanded partnership with private brand agency Daymon, an Advantage Solutions company. The quality expectations of each distinct brand within the AWG Brands product offering will be supported with this partnership and brought to life with extensive product information in Daymon’s RIVIR platform.


Best Choice® Family of Brands products have been trusted by AWG member retailers and their consumers alike for nearly 40 years, meeting rigorous quality standards to compare to their equivalent competitive brands. Always Save® products also adhere to strict standards to align with the expectations of value-seeking consumers. While each brand has a distinct target market, the competitive advantage they offer AWG member retailers is deeply-rooted in the mission of AWG Brands.


“Throughout the AWG Brands portfolio, our number one commitment to AWG retailers and their consumers is the 100% quality guarantee,” said Tye Anthony, AWG Chief Merchandising and Marketing Officer. “This partnership with Daymon, and the deepening of our support of a first-class quality assurance program, strengthens that promise.”


The partnership with Daymon extends into multiple new areas that make up AWG Brands’ Quality Assurance (QA). New, state-of-the-art testing facilities allow extensive product testing to deliver even more transparency to member retailers and consumers. With 3,000 off-shelf audits performed each year in addition to initial product tests, having the facility in the heart of AWG’s footprint also allows for quicker testing turnaround.


“We are truly excited to embark on this quality assurance journey with AWG and expand Daymon’s presence in Kansas City. AWG Brands represents a commitment to quality and innovation and are award-winning leaders within the private brand industry. Our quality assurance partnership ensures our retail partners and customers continue to have access to exceptional items that positively impact their customers’ lives,” shared Jim Griffin, President, Daymon North America.


AWG Brands will also use Daymon’s proprietary RIVIR platform for all product specifications. This will centralize vendor partner submissions and product specification maintenance, ultimately streamlining the speed to shelf for new items.


“We are now able to customize the data fields for commonly requested food safety regulatory requests and create a more thorough complaint categorization for risk assessment,” said AWG Executive Director of Quality Assurance Shelly Dean. “This move will maintain the consistent quality of AWG Brands items.”


The platform will also support AWG Brands’ on-packaging QR codes and online product landing pages, an integral part of the transparent product specifications disclosure to end consumers. These product landing pages also feature product images and can be found on the Always Save and Best Choice Family of Brands websites. A customer service call center is the final aspect of the partnership, as AWG Brands continues to fulfill its long-standing 100% Guarantee on all AWG Brands products.


With over 50 years of experience building successful Private Brand programs around the world, Daymon has developed a unique, industry-leading approach driving sales and profits for over 4,000 manufacturers and 100 customers around the world. Daymon is the only solution provider that influences all aspects of Private Brand development, from strategy to execution to consumer engagement. Daymon’s unique approach helps retailers and brands set themselves apart — boosting brand presence, category effectiveness and speed to shelf. They offer a full suite of best-in-class Private Brand development services, including strategy, analytics, sourcing, HQ selling, design and product development. To learn more, visit


Associated Wholesale Grocers, Inc. (AWG) is the nation’s largest cooperative food wholesaler to independently owned supermarkets, serving 1,100 member companies and more than 3,500 locations throughout 32 states from 9 wholesale Divisions. Consolidated sales for AWG in 2022 were $12.3 billion. In addition to its cooperative wholesale operations, the company also operates subsidiary companies that provide certain real estate and supermarket development services, health and beauty care, general merchandise, pharmaceutical products, specialty foods, and natural and organic products. 

Daymon QA Facility
Daymon QA Facility
Daymon QA Facility
Daymon QA Facility


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