Why Consumers are Choosing Organic

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Attracting better-for-you lifestyle-driven consumers. That’s the aim of the Clearly by Best Choice brand. These consumers want products that meet their organic, gluten-free, and plant-based lifestyle preferences. You may be familiar with this brand as Clearly Organic, and while organic remains the largest sub segment of the Clearly by Best Choice brand, as consumers have embraced lifestyles across the spectrum, the need to evolve into a wide-ranging “Free From” brand has become critical. That doesn’t mean organic isn’t still important, though. As the organic lifestyle continues to become more mainstream, the Clearly by Best Choice brand will still cater to consumers making this lifestyle choice.


Why Choose Organic?
“The best way to reduce exposure to chemicals, pesticides, and hormones in food is to choose organic,” according to Rebecca Mueller, Registered Dietitian and blogger for Clearly by Best Choice. Since the pandemic, consumers have been more focused on their overall well-being and longevity, creating a surge in the organic market. This mainstream expansion has made organic foods and beverages more accessible than ever in terms of availability and price. According to the Organic & Natural 2022 Hartman Group study, 82% of consumers said they use organic foods and beverages at least sometimes, with millennials leading in usage.*


To be USDA-certified organic, food must be grown and processed according to federal guidelines. Those guidelines concern pest and weed control, soil quality, and animal-raising practices. For consumers, organic products continue to be trusted as a safer option, free from additives that are seen in a negative light. Organic is often the greatest purchase driver in comparison to other health factors in food because it offers a clear, easy, standardized, third party-verified marker of health and quality across categories.* Therefore, while most consumers may not know the intricacies of organic, they see organic as a simple solution to their health decisions.


The recently updated Clearly by Best Choice packaging caters to helping these consumers find the entire brand as their solution. The natural colors of the design call out “free from” on every product. Organic items in the brand have an additional call out and show the organic certification seals.


The Future of Organic & Sustainable Eating
Beyond nutrition and taste, organic farming practices aim to reduce pollution, conserve water, and improve soil quality. Core organic shoppers and some younger consumers are looking beyond USDA-certified organic and wanting more community health and climate solution standards included in their groceries. These consumers link the health of the planet with the health of humans.


“The future of healthy eating will be closely tied to community health and sustainability.” – Organic & Natural 2022, Hartman Group via Daymon.


Reducing the Cost Barrier with Clearly by Best Choice
Many factors can influence one’s decision to choose organic, but the most common concern is cost. Organic foods often cost slightly more than their traditional counterparts. This is largely due to more expensive farming practices. Clearly by Best Choice has made organic and better-for-you lifestyles more accessible to consumers. The strong association as a sister brand to Best Choice gives Clearly by Best Choice credibility with customers already familiar with the value and quality of Best Choice. Stores offering Clearly by Best Choice items not only open their stores up to a wider range of consumers, but they are serving the needs of their current customers and the earth as well.


*Organic & Natural 2022 Hartman Group Study provided by Daymon


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