Sacred Heart Southern Missions Receives AWG Cares Award Grant

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Walls, MS

Recently, AWG Cares provided a grant request in the amount of $3,000 to Sacred Heart Southern Missions in Walls, MS. The grant request was submitted by Jenny Price, AWG Memphis Division employee.


The mission statement of Sacred Heart Southern Missions is “to be a witness to the all-inclusive love of God revealed in the sacred heart of Jesus, to be a voice of compassion for people in need, to be steadfast in our work for social justice.”


They have eight social services offices serving more than 3,000 families each month with emergency aid to those living in poverty; feeding northern Mississippi with their Food Pantries; educating teen mothers about childcare and parenting with Project Good Mother; serving hot, balanced meals to hungry families through their Garden Café Program; helping individuals explore their options for employment and business development through education with Project New Beginnings, and many other services. They also have a housing program called Dehon Village with 38 single family homes for low-income families whose rent is subsidized by Sacred Heart Southern Mission.


Thank you, Jenny, for donating to AWG Cares and submitting this grant request!

Sacred Heart Southern Missions Check Presentation 2022

Pictured from left to right:


  • Shawn McCuistion, Administrative Services Assistant, AWG Memphis Division
  • Laura Grisham, Sacred Heart Southern Missions
  • Jenny Price, Assistant – Fresh Sales, AWG Memphis Division


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