Pivot, Inc. Receives AWG Cares Award Grant

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Oklahoma City, OK

Recently, AWG Cares provided a grant in the amount of $3,000 to Pivot, Inc. in Oklahoma City, OK. The grant request was submitted by Michelle Mason, AWG Oklahoma City Division Support Center employee.


When youth between the ages of 12 and 17 need a safe and secure temporary place to live, the Pivot, Inc. Family Junction shelter provides that place. Whether they are in DHS custody or without parental support or having run away from home, youth who stay with Pivot receive clean beds, nutritious meals counseling, emotional support, the ability to attend school, tutoring if needed, recreational and social activities.


Also the Community Intervention Center (CIC) offers assistance to youth brought to Pivot by law enforcement. They connect them with needed services such as food, closing, housing, medical care, counseling or mentoring. The CIC helps them understand court proceedings. If they are assigned community service, they connect them to the facilities that offer that option.


Thank you, Michelle, for donating to AWG Cares and submitting this grant request!

Pivot, Inc.


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