AWG Brands Introduces New Branding and Packaging for Best Choice®

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AWG Brands, the private brands family owned by Associated Wholesale Grocers, Inc. (AWG) is introducing new branding and package designs for its popular brand, Best Choice®. The updated branding will help AWG member retailers build private brand loyalty.


“This is a very exciting time for Associated Wholesale Grocers as we embark on significant updates to our Best Choice® brand,” stated Kate Favrow, AWG Brands Marketing & Brand Development Director. “The redesign will optimize the impact of the brand at store level and continue to build a brand consumers can trust across categories.”


Best Choice®, AWG Brands’ flagship brand, is receiving an updated look that will build cohesion, brand awareness and loyalty through consistent packaging design across product categories. Historically, Best Choice® followed category specific designs. The new look and feel will help customers find their trusted items across member retail stores. The updated packaging is hitting stores now on items such as baking chips, new snacks, cookies and more. The entire food line is anticipated to be completely redesigned by June 2025.


“While the redesign schedule laid out is aggressive, our team and partners look forward to making these changes happen for the brand and our member retailers,” added Favrow. “AWG Brands are important to help our member retailers compete and stay relevant with their consumers.”



Associated Wholesale Grocers, Inc. (AWG) is the nation’s largest cooperative food wholesaler to independently owned supermarkets, serving over 1,100 member companies and over 3,400 locations throughout 31 states from 9 wholesale Divisions. The consolidated sales for AWG are $10.8 billion. In addition to its cooperative wholesale operations, the company also operates subsidiary companies that provide certain real estate and supermarket development services, print and digital marketing services, health and beauty care, general merchandise, pharmaceutical products, specialty foods, and natural and organic products. For more information, visit and follow @AWGCorporate on Twitter.


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